Brain Box presents: Roald Dahl‘s "The Witches"



Gibt es Hexen eigentlich wirklich? Wenn man Roald Dahl glauben darf (und das darf man natürlich, wo er doch so ein berühmter Autor ist ;-) , dann gibt es sie tatsächlich. Nur muss man sich darüber im Klaren sein, dass sie nicht mit all diesen albernen Requisiten aus ebenso albernen Geschichten daherkommen: Die Besen bleiben lieber bei Harry Potter und anderen Märchen…

Nein, Hexen verstecken geschickt all ihre wahren Erkennungsmerkmale wie unter Perücken und Handschuhen!
Aber was rede ich hier eigentlich, wenn es das doch demnächst alles viel anschaulicher im Gruselkeller der Goetheschule – verharmlosend auch als Goethekeller bezeichnet – zu sehen gibt: Gänsehaut und Tränen (vor Lachen) sind bei diesem MUST-SEE Theater-Event garantiert!
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The Plot

Witches don’t wear silly black pointed hats, nor do they ride around on broomsticks. Grandmother knows better: Witches look like ordinary women -- on the surface. But beneath their wigs there are bald, itchy heads with blue spit and blue teeth; they have long curvy claws, covered by gloves; and they have a mad desire for “squelching” children, who smell like “dogs’ droppings” to them.
When Boy hears all this, he doesn’t believe Grandmamma, but she warns him to beware, as a witch might want to transform him (and you) into a hen, a cockroach – or a mouse!
When Boy’s parents die in a car crash on an icy road in Norway, Grandmamma goes with him to England, where he is to go to school.
After some time Grandmamma falls ill and they find the “Hotel Magnificent” in Bournemouth for her, where she may recover from a mild form of diabetes. Unfortunately, the English Secret Society of Witches is having their annual meeting at the same hotel!
While exploring the hotel, Boy finds himself trapped in the very ballroom the witches are using for their annual meeting. He overhears the Grand High Witch’s plan to turn all the children of England into mice by poisoning chocolate bars and other sweets with her “Formula Eighty-Six Delayed Action Mouse Maker”. She demonstrates her potion’s power on greedy Bruno Jenkins, another boy staying at the hotel with his parents. The witches finally find Boy hiding behind some chairs and he, too, is turned into a mouse.
The two mice / boys go to Grandmother and tell her of the Grand High Witch’s plan. Grandmother thinks it is hopeless, but Boy makes a plan to use the potion on the witches. After he has sneaked into the Grand High Witch’s bedroom and has stolen her potion, he meets Grandmother and Bruno in the hotel dining room. Boy, still a mouse, steals into the kitchen and pours the poisonous drink into the witches’ soup.
Thus the witches are magically transformed into mice themselves, and Boy has saved all the children in England from their cruelty.
Grandmother and Boy then travel back to Norway, where they live out their short but happy lives together in peace and quiet.